Local Government in Canada, 9th Edition


Over the almost 40 years it has been in print, Local Government in Canada has earned a reputation for being a comprehensive, straightforward, and readable text on municipal government in Canada.

The book concentrates on providing a factual overview of municipal government developments across Canada. It has always included a historical and institutional focus, but has gradually broadened its scope and emphasis over the years to give greater attention to the economic and political context within which the municipalities operate, including an expanded discussion of the nature and impact of the forces of globalization and the increasing emphasis on multilevel governance initiatives.

This ninth edition of Local Government in Canada updates data from the recent census, Statistics Canada, and related sources; it illustrates shifting local engagement; it captures local multi-level governing conversations about infrastructure deficits and what Canada’s municipalities can contribute to global ecological well-being; it reflects on the increases in local government activism; and it seeks to capture the shifting urban focus of Canada’s national government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (elected 2015). It previews the issues leading up to the civic elections in 2017 and 2018.

Finally, it concludes with the notion that democratic politics will continue to be the well-spring to good local governing.


    • The text continues a tradition of excellence as the most straightforward and factual overview of municipal government developments across Canada.
    • Local Government in Canada examines the broader economic and political context within which municipalities operate.
    • The text maintains thematic focus on the importance and challenge of fulfilling the representative/political role, as well as the service delivery role of municipal governments.


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