Made in Canada Leadership


Leading for Canada; Leading for the World

Leadership matters. More than any other factor, it affects the success of an enterprise. But there is currently a concern in Canada and abroad about a growing leadership deficit, in all sectors of the economy. Organizations everywhere increasingly worry about the quality and quantity of leadership available to meet their current and future needs.

There are few “born leaders,” but an abundant supply of excellent leaders can be developed with the appropriate support systems, mentoring and focus on judgment and critical competencies. Made in Canada Leadership explores effective ways to prepare leaders, by drawing on the best practices of exceptional Canadian leaders and those responsible for developing them.

Featuring the voices of hundreds of participants, Made in Canada Leadership reveals the nation’s collective wisdom on the art and practice of leading. The authors interviewed 295 exceptional leaders from coast to coast, in business, the arts, the community, cooperatives, sports, and the public sector. In their own words, these accomplished leaders share what leadership means to them, what contributed to their own development, and recommendations to expand individual, organizational and national leadership capacity.

The book also features insights and best practices from experts involved in 66 leadership development programs across the country, in corporations, community organizations, consulting firms, cooperatives, sports organizations, universities, youth programs, and leadership institutes.

Made in Canada Leadership explores what is unique about the Canadian brand of leadership, why our leadership style is so appealing on the international scene, and how it broadens our influence.

By offering stories and words of wisdom from the exceptional leaders it features, Made in Canada Leadership will inspire individual Canadians to answer the call of leadership, and organizations to create the conditions for developing excellent leaders. Beyond inspiration, it also provides practical advice on how organizations can build their leadership capacity, and how we can enhance our leadership effectiveness as a nation.

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