Management of EMS


Organized into 19 chapters with a helpful glossary to assist EMS Management personnel in understanding the unique challenges and strategic planning needed to create comprehensive and successful EMS Management programs. The distinguished author team provides protocol and examples, along with real-life stories of success to provide officers and EMS Management candidates alike with strategies and insight into achieving success.

* Text is built around the model curriculum of the Fire Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) of the National Fire Academy
* Offers coverage for accrediting agencies including CAAS
* Protocols and examples are covered in every chapter, along with a related story of a successful event
* Includes steps to achieving the Malcolm Baldridge Award, the government’s highest award for quality
* Key Terms emphasize core concepts and provide clearer understanding
* Review Questions challenge the reader to remember key points
* Internet References provide web links and additional resources that improve usefulness of the text for the reader.


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