Mastering Fireground Command DVD #3 – Commercial Buildings


In his Mastering Fireground Command DVD series, Anthony Kastros captures the essential elements of commanding structure fires, including size-up, strategy and tactics, and the use of the Incident Command System (ICS). A combination of training footage, actual fire footage, simulations, and graphics are utilized in this DVD series to instill the proper use of ICS on the fireground.

DVD #3 provides a real world application of ICS for the street, and then focuses on the use of ICS during fires involving commercial buildings.


  • Improve command skills for structure fires
  • Increase knowledge and application of ICS
  • Expand knowledge of structure fire strategy and tactics, thereby impacting the ability to command in a safe, effective, and efficient manner
  • Understanding the NIOSH top five LODD causal factors, and how ICS can positively affect them

(Approx. 55 Minutes)


Item #: 1593702489