Mental Health Awareness for First Responders, 2nd Edition


Mental Health Awareness for First Responders, Second Edition offers a Canadian perspective on the challenges first responders and helping professionals face in identifying and interacting with individuals living with mental health issues. Using relevant examples, real-life case studies, discussion questions and scenarios, this resource helps readers successfully navigate mental health and addictions issues while working in the criminal justice system in Canada.

This resource offers key insights into both historical and emerging developments at the intersection of mental health and criminal justice in front-line professions. It clearly addresses common mental health issues that readers will come across in their careers and the specific strategies and resources needed to intervene with those in crisis. This text concludes with an examination of the ways in which Canadian organizations have responded to current mental crises and calls for systemic change.

The second edition contains a new chapter devoted to the state of mental health interventions in correctional settings and court systems across Canada. It also incorporates new case studies, scenario boxes with discussion questions, as well as “Spotlight on Mental Health” boxes, personal interviews with front-line workers from across Canada.

By examining mental health through a practical lens, readers will feel confident in their ability to respond to the mental health issues in a positive manner, making this an essential resource for current or aspiring professionals in law enforcement, emergency management, fire services, EMS, corrections, search and rescue, border services, social work, dispatchers, and other front-line workers.

Also available in a bundle with “Mental Health: Self-Care for First Responders, 2nd Edition“, a user-friendly handbook on common mental health challenges experienced by first responders.    Click Here.


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