Mental Health Awareness: Self-Care for First Responders


Mental Health Awareness: Self Care for First Responders is a user-friendly handbook on the numerous mental health symptoms that affect those in frontline work. It is designed to be thrown in a duty bag and referred to at various stages of one’s career.

This handbook provides valuable background information and practical tips for the self-care of frontline workers, including a concise identification and intervention guide. It also contains a checklist for physical and emotional well being, as well as tips for preventative self-care on topics such as PTSD, chronic stress, and suicide.

Those with careers as a first responder are often prepared to take care of others, but with this resource, they will now be prepared to take care of themselves.


Chapter 1 – Introduction to Emotional Wellbeing
Chapter 2 – Critical Incident Stress and its Management
Chapter 3 – Post Traumatic Stress and Acute Stress Disorders
Chapter 4 – Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma and Cumulative Stress (Burnout)
Chapter 5 – Suicide and Suicide Intervention
Chapter 6 – Self-Care Strategies
Chapter 7 – Resiliency and Support

Appendix – Self-Care Plan


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