Mental Health: Self-Care for First Responders, 2nd Edition


Mental Health: Self-Care for First Responders, 2nd Edition is a user-friendly handbook on common mental health challenges for first responders and helping professionals doing front-line work. The handbook includes information about identifying symptoms of stress, understanding different kinds of mental health issues, and strategies for engaging in self-care and trauma recovery. Topics covered include PTSD, chronic stress, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, suicide, resiliency, and more.

Written to address the need for ongoing emotional support for society’s front-line workers, the second edition includes new material on organizational response to trauma, first-responder workplace culture, moral injury, stigmatization, as well as a revised self-care plan and new “Spotlight on Mental Health” boxes in which first responders across Canada share their story of mental health resiliency in the field.

Those with careers in law enforcement, emergency management, fire services, EMS, corrections, border services, social work, or other community justice fields are often prepared to take care of others, but with this resource, they will now be prepared to take care of themselves.

Also available in a bundle with  Mental Health Awareness for First Responders, a text on the challenges first responders and helping professionals face in identifying and interacting with individuals living with mental health issues. Click Here. 


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