NFPA 1010: Standard on Professional Qualifications for Firefighters 2024


The Inaugural Edition of NFPA 1010 Consolidates Four Standards into One.

NFPA 1010, Standard on Professional Qualifications for Firefighters, integrates NFPA 1001, NFPA 1002, NFPA 1003, and NFPA 1005 into a single standard that establishes a common set of criteria for fireground personnel, including support person, Firefighter I, Firefighter II, airport firefighter, land-based marine firefighter, and apparatus driver/operator.

The 2024 edition includes:

  • New “General Requirements” chapter
  • New “Support Person” chapter
  • Added requirements for professional development, continuing education, incident management systems (IMS), traffic incident management, and thermal imagers (TIs)
  • Added definitions in Chapter 3
  • Updated terminology related to fire apparatus and driver/operator


Item #: 101024