Pandemic Planning


Preparedness and rigorous planning on community, state, and regional levels are critical to containing the threat of pandemic illness. Steeped in research and recommendations from lessons learned, Pandemic Planning describes the processes necessary for the efficient and effective preparation, prevention, response, and recovery from a pandemic threat. This evidence-based book guides plan development and provides solutions to common strategic, ethical, and practical challenges to pandemic preparedness.

Topics discussed include:

  • The current threat of pandemics and how they relate to homeland security and emergency management
  • Leadership and incident management structure as they relate to pandemic preparedness
  • Computer simulation models and data visualization for strengthening prevention and control measures within a community
  • Marketing principles and how they promote pandemic preparedness for a community
  • Lessons learned from pandemic influenza exercises conducted with regional hospitals and how those lessons can be applied to other institutions
  • Government resources available to assist with the planning for and monitoring of a pandemic event
  • Economic and logistic concerns that arise during a pandemic

Discussing preparedness across a variety of institutional levels, the authors’ collaboration with national research leaders and community stakeholders has enabled them to assemble the most current and essential information available on pandemic preparedness. Their book distills this information into workable strategies to bolster public health, mitigate risk, and protect the population.


  • Examines the history and current threat of pandemics as they relate to homeland security and emergency management prevention, preparation, response, and recovery
  • Explains how to plan, conduct, and evaluate pandemic planning exercises
  • Describes government resources—including computer simulation models—available to assist with the planning and monitoring of a pandemic outbreak
  • Discusses the role of leadership and command structure in pandemic management during an outbreak


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