Preventing Firefighter Disorientation: Enclosed Structure Tactics for the Fire Service



In his first book, Preventing Firefighter Disorientation: Enclosed Structure Tactics for the Fire Service, William Mora, a 30-year fire service veteran and firefighter safety advocate, discusses how to prevent traumatic structural firefighter fatalities.

Firefighter disorientation can be defined as “the loss of direction due to the lack of vision in a structure fire.” To combat this problem, Mora outlines a multi-pronged approach to effectively address the components that contribute to disorientation and structural firefighter fatalities.

This text includes many case studies and guidelines for size-up factors and is an important resource for all firefighters.


  •     Preface
  •     Introduction
  •     The structural firefighter fatality problem
  •     Terms, risk, and assumptions
  •     Types of enclosed structures
  •     Types of obscured visibility and types of firefighter disorientation
  •     Similarities in disorientation fires
  •     The firefighter disorientation sequence
  •     Initial size-up factors
  •     Avoiding life-threatening hazards
  •     Hose evolutions and fireground realities
  •     Hazards of construction
  •     Coordinated ventilation
  •     Enclosed structure tactics and guidelines
  •     Firefighter disorientation case reviews: Considering enclosed structure tactics
  •     Summary and conclusion
  •     Appendix A Unprotected enclosed structures: A global problem
  •     Glossary

About the Author

William R. Mora is a former captain of the San Antonio Fire Department, where he served 33 years in the emergency medical, training, and firefighting divisions. Captain Mora has written extensively and delivered research-based presentations on firefighter disorientation. He is the author of the 2003 U.S. Firefighter Disorientation Study, which provided solutions to help prevent firefighter disorientation and fatalities. Captain Mora is a member of the Safety, Health and Survival Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, where he served as a liaison organization reviewer for the Rules of Engagement for Structural Firefighting: Increasing Firefighter Survival project.

Approx. 380 pages/Hardcover


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