Principles of Fire Behavior, 2nd Edition


This text covers the four forms of fire: diffusion flames, smoldering, spontaneous combustion, and premixed flames. Using a quantitative approach, the text introduces the scientific principles of fire behavior, with coverage of heat transfer, ignition, flame spread, fire plumes, and heat flux as a damage variable. Cases, examples, problems, selected color illustrations and review of mathematics help students in fire safety and investigation understand fire from a scientific point of view.


  • Combines a quantitative approach to fire behavior with examples, problems, activities, references, numerous case studies, and selected full-color illustrations
  • Includes a Mathematics of Science review section to support its scientific approach
  • Matches the latest FESCHE objectives for fire dynamics courses
  • Provides carefully explained and clearly written chapters that are understandable for both two-year and four-year students, and other readers
  • Offers a complete Solutions Manual and PowerPoint lessons to qualifying instructors adopting the text


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