Rapid Intervention Teams, 1st Ed.


Be prepared to rescue emergency responders in peril!

Written by firefighters who have been implementing and teaching rapid intervention team concepts since 1995, this book takes a hard look at the safety issues facing today’s fire service and provides the knowledge needed to develop or enhance your rapid intervention program.

This risk management tool is essential not only for the fire service, but for any emergency response organization whose personnel enter environments that can place their lives and health in immediate danger.

Among the critical topics covered are:

  • The importance of rapid intervention programs
  • Sudden, unexpected events that can disrupt a fireground and bring tragedy to a community
  • Codes and standards that apply to rapid intervention
  • Options for implementation and dispatch
  • Equipment lists for rapid intervention work
  • A two-team concept that can provide the resources needed to handle the majority of rescue situations
  • And more!

Sample standard operating procedures, drills, and checklists are included to raise the performance level of your department. Numerous photos and diagrams demonstrate how procedures should, and should not be done, and web references provide additional resources to improve a fire department’s operations.


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