Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining Volunteer Firefighters, 3rd Edition


Recruiting, Training, and Maintaining Volunteer Fire Fighters, Third Edition looks at the many challenges facing today’s volunteer fire fighter. Providing the history and background of volunteer fire fighting, an overview of why individuals volunteer, and planning for the future, this is a must-have resource.

The Third Edition also provides an extensive review of the importance of customer service and detailed coverage of fire department evaluations and model programs.

With the Third Edition, you will learn to:

* Develop a strategic plan for your department
* Develop goals and objectives for success
* Recruit quality volunteers
* Retain volunteers
* Use proven motivators and rewards to help your volunteers succeed
* Determine your need for volunteers
* Screen and train volunteers
* Meet volunteer needs
* Communicate and lead volunteers effectively
* Recognize “those” red flags and what to do when problems arise


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