Residential Fire Rescue


Authors Mark van der Feyst, Eric Wissner and James Petruzzi wrote their book to serve as a much-needed sole source reference for rescuing an occupant from a residential structure.

Residential Fire Rescue covers the theory of search and rescue, practical application of search and rescue, and company training.

The book includes sample lesson plans that can be customized for various skills (including VES, drags and removals); step-by-step instructions combined with photos to show the various rescue techniques and positions; and also includes a DVD to aid the instruction of techniques.

Company officers, training officers, and firefighters will find Residential Fire Rescue an important resource.


  • Biographies
  • Residential fire rescue: an introduction
  • Profiling (size up) for rescue
  • Developing and executing a rescue plan
  • Special considerations
  • Tools of rescue
  • Vent, enter, search
  • Search techniques
  • Rescue methods
  • Ladder rescue and operations
  • Residential fire rescue: company training

354 Pages/Hardcover+DVD


MARK VAN DER FEYST  has been a member of the fire service since 1999 and is a full-time firefighter in Ontario. Mark teaches in Canada, United States and India, and is an FDIC Instructor.  His published works include a monthly column called Back to Basics in Canadian Firefighter and Firefighting in Canada magazines, a monthly column called The Domino Effect: Handicap Firefighting at, weekly fireground tips on, and various articles for other fire service publications, including Fire Engineering Read more.

ERIC WISSNER is a career firefighter/EMT-B with the Allegheny County Airport Authority Fire-Rescue at the Pittsburgh International Airport.  Eric is a Pennsylvania state suppression instructor teaching firefighters in the areas of engine and truck company tactics, firefighter survival, flashover, and structural burn throughout western Pennsylvania and into the eastern provinces of Canada. Read More

JAMES PETRUZZI  started with the City of Pittsburgh Fire Bureau in 1989. In 2001, he was promoted to captain, spent eight months at the Pittsburgh training academy, and then transferred back to 8 Engine and Truck as a captain, where he currently works as a truck officer.  He has been a Pennsylvania State Fire Academy instructor since 1991, and he teaches RIT combat drills (HOT) at the Fire Department Instructors Conference. Read More




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