Respiratory Protection for Fire & Emergency Services


This first edition of the IFSTA Respiratory Protection for Fire and Emergency Services manual takes the place of the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (2nd Edition) manual that was specific to the fire service and limited to the use of SCBA.

In developing this manual, the IFSTA material review committee and the editor worked to include all types of respiratory hazards faced by personnel during emergency responses and the appropriate protection that must be worn. The committee recognized that changes in respiratory hazards, technology, regulations, and operational requirements justified a totally new approach to the subject and, therefore, adopted a new format for the manual.

The manual is divided into two sections: the first dealing with administrative topics and the second with operational topics. While all of the information is needed for a comprehensive understanding of respiratory protection, the first section may be of greater value to personnel who must deal with selecting, purchasing, and maintaining respiratory protection in addition to facepiece fit testing. The operational section is directed toward the operational use, maintenance, and wearing of respiratory protection, along with emergency scene topics that interest the emergency responder.

Fire and emergency services organizations (public or private) must have an established respiratory protection program, including guidelines for use, maintenance, face piece fit testing, and training. It is the intent of this manual to provide the necessary direction for such organizations in meeting the requirements for a respiratory protection program.


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