Response to Carbon Monoxide Incidents DVD


This DVD provides training to firefighters, emergency medical personnel, police, poison control center personnel, plant safety personnel and others who may be called upon to respond to an incident involving carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas.

Topics include:

  • Hazard properties of carbon monoxide
  • Where carbon monoxide is likely to be found
  • Exposure limits, and symptoms at various levels of exposure
  • Factors that impact symptoms
  • How CO detectors operate and how they may become contaminated and disabled
  • Safety procedures to follow to prevent CO poisoning from occurring both in the home and workplace
  • Treating victims
  • Monitoring for CO
  • Ventilating the building
  • How emergency medical personnel reduce the concentration of CO in the blood of victims
  • How emergency responders locate the source of the carbon monoxide


Item #: CO9801

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