Rube’s Rules for Survival: A Collection of Case Studies


• Nothing beats being prepared and trained for the job at hand.
• Professionals never let their guard down.
• You must always do the right thing, and never fly by the seat of your pants.

So goes the wisdom of veteran firefighter Dennis Rubin, aka “The Rube,” in Rube’s Rules for Survival.

Follow him as he traces the ups and downs of his distinguished career, in a lively, entertaining, and educational manner. Rubin presents case studies culled from personal experience, mixing in the personal brushes with tragedy and humor that all firefighters know so well.

Each case study, ranging from gas leaks to structure collapse, ends with:

• Lessons learned
• Chapter review questions
• Rube’s Rules for Survival for each specific incident

You’ll take these timeless truths to heart as well as back to the job!


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