Rube’s Rules for Survival


“Nothing beats being prepared and trained for the job at hand. Professionals never let their guard down. You must always do the right thing and never fly by the seat of your pants.”

So goes the wisdom of veteran firefighter Dennis Rubin, a.k.a. “The Rube” in Rube’s Rules for Survival.

Follow him as he traces the ups and downs of his distinguished career in a lively, entertaining and educational manner.

Rubin presents case studies culled from personal experiences, mixing in the personal brushes with tragedy and humour that all firefighters know so well. You’ll take these timely truths to heart as well as back to the job.

About the Author:

Dennis L. Rubin is the former Chief of the City of Norfolk (VA) Fire and Paramedical Services Department. Rubin has an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science/Fire Science from Northern Virginia Community College, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire & Emergency Management from the University of Maryland. He currently is enrolled at Oklahoma State University Graduate School’s Fire Administration Program. Rubin is a 1993 graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer Program. Rubin holds the National Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) Certification and the Chief Fire Officer Designation (CFO) presented by the International Association of Fire Chiefs.


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