Save-My-Life School: A First Responder’s Mental Health Journey


This intense and engaging memoir is based on the true life of Natalie Harris. Mental illness, post-traumatic stress syndrome, overdoses and addiction are some of the demons this paramedic turned author deals with – stemming from a horrific double-murder call. This incredible story makes public the very private battles many face.

This book is raw, honest and a window into the mind of someone facing mental illness. Although a serious topic, this biography is at times laugh-out-loud funny, poignant and simply a good, entertaining read.

About the author:

Natalie Harris is a mom, an Advanced Care Paramedic and an educator in Ontario, Canada. She possesses a BHSc in Paramedicine for which she received the Outstanding Achievement Award from Victoria University, and is an avid mental health advocate. After battling illnesses such as post traumatic stress disorder and addiction, she openly shares the story of her journey with the world through her personal blog

She is currently developing curriculum for the Simon Fraser University First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery Program, and is the founder of Wings of Change – Peer Support where first responders, military members, healthcare providers, communications officers and more are able to meet and participate in solution based discussions regarding traumatic events.

She has played a large role in the lobbying for the implementation of the Ontario First Responder’s PTSD Bill 163 which achieved Royal Ascension in April 2016, and is advocating for the Federal PTSD Bill C-211 which will provide a National Framework on PTSD treatment and education. 


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