10 Year Sealed Battery Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display


Regularly retails for $52.99

Designed to sit attractively on a tabletop or dresser, this unit can display ambient temperature on an everyday basis but will also alarm and display CO if it detects carbon monoxide in the home.

This alarm uses an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor – the most accurate technology available. It emits a loud, 85dB alarm if carbon monoxide levels are detected at dangerous levels. The convenient peak function captures and allows you to retrieve the highest CO level recorded in the home.

It features:

  • 10-Year Lithium Power – 10 years of continuous protection. No battery change required.
  • Tamper-proof Sealed Alarm – Powercell cannot be removed.
  • Digital Display
  • Electrochemical CO sensing technology
  • Silence feature
  • End of life feature


Item #: CO710A

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