Situational Awareness Matters – Volume 1 and 2 Set


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See the bad things coming in time to change the outcome!

Flawed situational awareness is a leading contributing factor to first responder near-miss and casualty events. Yet, sadly, most first responders know very little about situational awareness – what it is, how to develop it, what erodes it and how to regain it once it has been eroded.

These books contain a collection of articles from the highly acclaimed blog. Each contribution discusses the challenges first responders face while trying to develop and maintain situational awareness while making decisions in high-risk, high consequence, time compressed, rapidly changing environments, including:

Volume 1 topics include:

  •     Fatigue
  •     Multitasking
  •     Freelancing
  •     Emotions
  •     Discipline
  •     Assertiveness
  •     Risk versus reward
  •     Being defensive
  •     Memory
  •     Expectations
  •     SOPs
  •     Meta awareness
  •     Staffing levels
  •     Accountability
  •     Debriefings
  •     And more…

Volume 2 topics include:

  •     Stress
  •     Communications
  •     Vigilance
  •     Tunnel Vision
  •     Auditory Exclusion
  •     Information Overload
  •     Time Distortion
  •     Bad Habits
  •     Technology
  •     Peer Pressure
  •     Size-up
  •     Noise
  •     Mindset
  •     Freelancing
  •     Accountability
  •     And more…

Richard B. Gasaway, PhD, served more than 30 years as a firefighter, EMT-paramedic, lieutenant, captain, training officer, assistant chief and fire chief. Dr. Gasaway is widely considered to be one of the nation’s foremost authorities on first responder decision making and situational awareness under stress. His programs on situational awareness and decision making have been presented more 47,000 first
responders and business professionals worldwide.



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