Size-Up DVD


Size-up is a task that all personnel must perform on every call. It can mean the difference between a call that goes smoothly and a call that goes terribly wrong.

A proper size-up procedure helps maintain situational awareness so that proper strategies and tactics are used and an appropriate margin of safety is maintained at all times.

In this classroom session, Captain Mike Dugan walks us through the 13-point size-up system using real-world examples. This 13-point system is designed to give the firefighter a quick process to continually assess the situation.

Dugan discusses the aspects of size-up that can be obtained prior to the incident and those that aren’t known until the day it happens – while emphasizing that this is merely a starting point.

It is imperative that all personnel stay mindful and communicate anything that might affect firefighting efforts or firefighter safety.

Run time: 105 min


Item #: 1593704087

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