Smoke Your Firefighter Interview, 6th Edition


Newest 6th Edition

The firefighter interview is the most important part of the hiring process. Since the fire department interview is often weighted 100% of the firefighter recruit’s final score, earning a high score on the firefighter interview is essential to getting hired.

6th Edition:

  • Traditional vs. Video-Based Oral Interviews
  • Expanded Answers and Reasoning
  • New Paramedic Situational questions

Smoke Your Firefighter Interview is packed with 360 pages of invaluable information. Chief Lepore covers over 100 of the most commonly asked fire department interview questions. The format is simple: The most commonly asked (and many not so common) fire department interview questions, answers, and reasoning behind the answer.

In addition to over 100 firefighter interview questions, answers and rationale for the right answers, this book also includes chapters on:

  • Rules of thumb for handling situational questions
  • What to expect from your first day as a firefighter
  • Sample interview rating sheets
  • Description of the job of a firefighter
  • Monthly probationary evaluations
  • Traditional vs. Video-Based Oral Interviews

About the Author:
Chief Paul Lepore has over 20-years experience in the fire service proctoring oral interviews and promotional examinations. He will share with his readers insights and tips on how to prepare for success in the fire department hiring process through research, self-examination, practice and planning.

Gaining insight into the hiring process and being able to see yourself through the eyes of an interviewer is a considerable advantage for an aspiring firefighter. If you don’t know what they are looking for, how can you present yourself as the one they want to hire? The one they want to welcome into their firefighter family?

Chief Lepore believes in teaching candidates the reasoning and thought processes behind interview questions, rather than teaching them “the correct answer.” Every candidate is different and will need to apply these concepts to develop his or her own answers. This way the responses are personal, sincere, and come from the heart.

With so many available candidates, fire departments can pick from the cream of the crop. They will choose those candidates who are obviously committed to pursuing their dream, because they don’t want to waste their time training people who aren’t as passionate about their job as they are. By setting a clearly defined goal, laying out the steps to reach it, and working diligently, a candidate can achieve his or her dream of becoming a professional firefighter.


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