Special Operations for Terrorism and Hazmat Crimes


Emergency Response agencies are increasingly responding to violent crimes, threats of terrorism as well as clandestine drug labs, explosives events, and crimes involving chemicals.

Tactical operations at these events can expose responders to a wide range of hazards such as heavily armed criminals, booby traps, secondary devices, and a multitude of chemical and explosive hazards.

The response to terrorism or a crime involving hazardous materials is a multi-agency response. This text is designed for fire departments and law enforcement personnel who are trained to the Hazardous Materials Operations Level.

Chapter List:
1. Introduction to the Problem
2. Health and Safety
3. Operations Security for Public Safety Agencies
4. Playing as a Team
5. The Eight-Step Process©
6. Site Management and Control
7. Identifying the Problem
8. Hazard and Risk Evaluation
9. Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment
10. Decontamination
11. Hazardous Materials Used in Crimes and Terrorism
12. Law Enforcement Operations


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