Standing Against Fire


Standing Against Fire chronicles the history of the Fire Service that has served within Canada’s military for the better part of a century.

Today, the Fire Service is a cohesive organization with its members qualified to stringent international standards. However, for years after its tentative beginnings during World War I, the Fire Service led a nomadic existence, first as part of one military branch then another, before settling in as a component of the Military Engineers.

Drawing on archival documents, personal memoirs, contemporary accounts, and military records, Standing Against Fire gathers together for the first time a comprehensive account of the Fire Service’s legacy and accomplishments. Embarrassments, humorous tales and outstanding achievements by both fire crews and individual firefighters are recounted. Approximately 200 visuals complement the text.

Standing Against Fire is a tribute to the men and women who have proudly and honourably served Canada in the Fire Service.


Item #: 1897113285

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