Streetsense: Communication, Safety, and Control, 4th Edition


Industry leaders who read any of the three prior editions of Streetsense over the years (starting in 1986) often say it had a huge impact on their street careers. This fourth edition still addresses the triad of communication, safety, and control, but it also reflects the evolution of the emergency care industry since the arrival of the millennium: computers and cellphones, social media, active shooters, and much, much more.

This book offers emergency providers methods for managing all sorts of situations safely and effectively.


• Interpersonal communication with people of all sorts (including your colleagues)
• Safety in various aspects—such as managing crowds, traffic, and weaponized situations
• Control of such things as all types of scenes, stress, death and dying, and even legal matters

Early in her career on the streets, Kate realized how much more there was to learn beyond the straight medical training. From her mentors and years of observation and experimentation, she learned the craft of emergency care. This book offers scores of tips and tricks (and traps) for helping people in crisis. Just as many industry leaders have discovered, it is a seriously helpful book.



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