Structural Fire Fighting: Initial Response Strategy and Tactics, 2nd Edition


Be a better decision maker and incident commander at structure fires!

This second edition provides strategy and tactics for the incident commander arriving at structure fire incidents using the available responding resources. Learn to assess the fire situation, initiate a command structure, and deploy resources until the transfer of command or termination of the incident.

The new fire dynamics content includes the latest research on fire behavior from UL and NIST with all new photographs and drawings that illustrate these new fire science concepts. Read and learn the new science so that you can apply it to structure fires.

Strategies and tactics from national experts are presented and applied to hypothetical structure fire scenarios throughout the book.

The manual meets the requirements of the FESHE course outcomes for the Associates level course, “Strategies and Tactics.” This manual also broadens the knowledge of the strategy and tactics JPR’s in NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. Additional standards referenced in the manual include NFPA 920, 921, 400.

Each of the last three (3) chapters include five (5) training scenarios that reflect real incidents that an incident commander will find when responding to a residential structure, a commercial structure fire and a structure fire with special hazards.


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