Structural Firefighting: Strategy and Tactics, 3rd Edition


Safe and effective structural firefighting requires a complex thought process. It is not a simple matter of “how to.” Decisions depend on many factors, from the type of building, to the likelihood of occupancy, to the water supply.

The third edition of Structural Firefighting: Strategy and Tactics leads readers through all phases of planning, evaluation and implementation to enable them to effectively manage structure fire incidents in a safe and effective manner, regardless of size or complexity.
The third edition has been revised to thoroughly cover the practical applications and limitations of the latest research from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as well as:
  •  Discussion of actual, recent fire incidents and what can be learned from them
  • Updated statistical information and coverage of the latest applicable standards
  • Use of real-world examples to reinforce chapter concepts
  • Student exercises based on practical and real scenarios

By applying the principles described in Structural Firefighting: Strategy and Tactics, Third Edition, even the most experienced fire officers and incident commanders will be able to utilize their knowledge more effectively at the scene.


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