Tactical Strength


Strength training program for tactical professionals – workouts based in weight lifting, body weight calisthenics, cardiovascular training, and swimming – and scaled for a variety of levels.

Developed by former Navy SEAL Stewart “Stew” Smith and building upon the foundations of Special Ops fitness techniques, Tactical Strength is designed to train you to perform up to the rigorous physical training standards required of tactical professionals: military, spec ops, police, firefighters, and warrior athletes.

Combined with the all-purpose tool set of the Tactical Strength Gearbox, Tactical Strength gives you everything you need to push your limits and go beyond. Plus, powerful new drills using weighted vests and sleds make for an intense training regimen that will challenge even the toughest among us.

With Tactical Strength, you will:

• Reach new levels of physical strength and endurance
• Boost speed and performance like never before
• Expand your workout regimen with new tools and techniques
• Get to it, get through it, and stay with it…whatever life has in store!

Tactical Strength
sets the standard for physical excellence – while giving you the tools you need to go beyond your current potential and reach a new peak of performance!


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