Ten Commandments of Truck Company Operations DVD


In this engaging six-hour seminar, internationally recognized authority Chief John Mittendorf covers the 10 precepts of truck company operations for all firefighters on the fireground.

Throughout this six-hour video, Chief Mittendorf lays out how to properly, efficiently, and safely manage the tasks and duties of a truck company.

These commandments address the ten curcial areas of focus for a “truckie” on the fireground:

  • Don’t forget your primary mission
  • It’s the basics before arriving on-scene
  • Manage the IC system, don’t let it manage you
  • Your aerial device can be a useful tool – if you let it
  • Determine available fireground time
  • Evaluate and set priorities
  • Become a mental general contractor
  • When in doubt, ventilate
  • Continually evaluate your fireground time
  • Ensure the viability of an escape route

Based on his highly sought-after class, this video uses both classroom and hands-on practical sessions to illustrate and reinforce these vital truck company tasks.

Bonus Feature: Chief Mittendorf gives a virtual test-drive of the various truck apparatus currently available to the fire service to help you understand what can and cannot be accomplished with what you have in your firehouse, as well as what you might be considering for the future.

(2-disc set, Run Time: 6hrs, 7 mins)


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