The Art of Reading Buildings


The Art of Reading Buildings, by John Mittendorf & David Dodson, focuses on the practical art of reading a building and applying its positive and negative attributes in developing a size-up for fireground operations that center on structure fires.

First-due company officers, incident commanders, and safety officers will appreciate the practical “street-wise” lessons captured in the book.

Chief officers, training officers, engineers, firefighters, and fire science degree candidates will benefit from the wide range of building construction topics covered in this text.

Features include:

  • Understand the technical and practical aspects of building construction
  • Learn on-the-spot building construction assessment using the authors’ custom Rapid Street-Read Guides
  • Develop a quick construction size-up for immediate application to fireground operations
  • Recognize firefighter traps in newer and alternative construction methods
  • This text covers objectives for the National Fire Academy’s Fire and
    Emergency Services in Higher Education (FESHE) Building Construction
    for Fire Protection course


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