The Engine Company

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In his new book, Battalion Chief Salka, a nationally recognized speaker and author with years of service in several career and volunteer departments, looks at both the similarities and differences in the engine company operations practiced by fire departments and discusses in detail the equipment, staffing, and operations of engine company firefighters at structural fires and emergencies in urban, suburban, and rural settings.

In this book, Salka teaches readers:

  • The abilities and limitations of engine companies, depending on equipment, staffing, and water supply
  • To execute the tactical missions of engine companies
  • The importance of mastering engine company functions for successful fire attack

The Engine Company is an invaluable resource for company officers (particularly those with responsibility for engine company operations), firefighters who want a better understanding of the functions of the engine company, and training officers and instructors.

* Foreword
* Acknowledgments
* Introduction
* Engine company apparatus
* Tools, equipment, and appliances
* Firefighter assignments
* Water supply
* Hose and hose beds
* Fire attack strategies
* Standpipe operations
* Big guns and big water
* Foam operations
* Safety concerns
* The rapid intervention team engine
* Training
* Inspection and maintenance
* Scenarios
* Glossary
* Index


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