The Fire Chief’s Handbook, 7th Edition


The Fire Chief’s Handbook, 7th Edition has been completely updated to meet the changing environment and added responsibilities of the fire service.

Returning authors have rewritten their chapter to address today’s leadership and administrative concerns, while new authors are also introduced to offer new perspectives.

This comprehensive guidebook is designed for firefighters, company officers, and chief officers of all ranks and department types who want
the latest information on the fundamentals of leadership in the fire service, as well as managing the day-to-day operations of a fire


  • New chapters on politics, public relations, labor relations, consolidation, and professional development.
  • Expanded chapter on hazardous materials includes all of the specialty technical rescue
  • Written from the perspective of a fire chief and how the topic relates to their job responsibilities
  • Some chapters have been combined for a total perspective within one unit, such as Fire Department Apparatus


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