The New Firefight DVD


In this live classroom presentation, Chief Pete Van Dorpe takes a look at “The New Firefight”. Utilizing the latest in research Van Dorpe highlights how to be effective and efficient on the fireground.

Lightweight energy efficient construction, modern fuels, firefighter encapsulation and manpower reductions have combined to make today’s residential firefight a dramatically new challenge for even the most experienced firefighter. UL and NIST have been leading the effort to meet this challenge through research and education initiatives.

At FDIC 2014, UL’s Steve Kerber presented a “Top 20” list of tactical considerations based on this research. In this presentation, Chief Van Dorpe, a member of the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute’s Advisory Board, uses Kerber’s “Top 20” to guide a discussion on how firefighters may best implement the principles and concepts arising out of this body of work in order to assist them in developing tactics that lead to sustainable interior firefighting operations.

Running time: 4 hrs 11 mins.


Item #: 1593704131

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