The Official Book of Andy


Andrew A. Fredericks

The Official Book of Andy is a compilation of the writings of the late Lieutenant Andrew A. Fredericks that appeared in print in Fire Engineering and online for Fire Nuggets.

Fredericks was a member of Fire Department of New York Squad Company 18 in Manhattan and was killed on 9/11. He was a pioneer and a noted expert in fire suppression methods.

This book is a tribute to his work, gathering his expertise on hoselines, standpipe operations, and all the facets of fire attack. 

A fundamental book in the fire service! It should be required reading at all levels, especially new members learning the hows and whys of what we do.   -Online review, Chris Barney on May 9th 2024

Long time coming….All of his articles, many of them groundbreaking and trendsetting, in one organized collection….very nicely done.  –Online review, Steve Kalman on May 9th 2024



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