The Right Seat: Officer Development Beyond the Textbook – Volume 1


In The Right Seat: Officer Developmnent Beyond the Textbook DVDs, Chief Dave Casey and Captain Chris Niebling delve into the world of officer interpersonal skills and decision-making.

Using staged scenarios portraying real-world situations, the DVDs address various relational issues that company officers face in the firehouse, in the public, and on the fireground. Each scenario is followed by a panel of active company officers discussing the situations and talking about what they would do.

Volume 1 contains 10 scenarios that range from a senior firefighter undermining an officer, to the chief not wearing PPE.

The company officer is responsible for the safety, well-being and effectiveness of the crew. These types of interpersonal situations can be catalysts to either degrade or strengthen the company’s working relationship. Knowing how to navigate and address these various issues is a vital skill for any company officer.

(68 minutes, DVD)


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