The Right Seat: Volunteer Officer Development, Volume 2 DVD


by Dave Casey and Chris Niebling

In Volume 2 of The Right Seat: Volunteer Officer Development, Chiefs Dave Casey and Chris Niebling delve into the world of the volunteer company. Aimed specifically at volunteer officers, this video covers many of the leadership issues unique to the volunteer service.

Using staged scenarios portraying real-world situations, the video addresses many of the issues that volunteer officers face on the firehouse, in public, and on the fireground. Each scenario is followed by a kitchen table debrief in which volunteer fire service officers discuss their real-life experiences and offer observations and solutions that would be applicable to many different situations.

This video contains 12 scenarios that range from response and on-scene issues to inclusion. Fits all leadership curriculums and can be part of a formal program, station training or individual use to prepare for the leadership role – or to improve skills.

DVD/Run time: 74 minutes


Item #: 1593704452

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