The Rural Firefighting Handbook, 2nd Edition


The no-nonsense guide to small community fire protection.

This 278 page textbook provides detailed information on improving fire suppression for the small community fire department.


  • Why your department’s capability to control and/or suppress fire is dependent on the “Big Five”: time, people, agent, hardware and procedures. Why water supply is a most critical component of the Big Five and how to calculate what’s required for structures within your service area
  • The role of burn and response times in rural fire deaths: how to make sense of NFPA’s response requirements for your small community volunteer fire department
  • How new technology, Class A foam and CAFS, can increase the capability of your firefighting resources, people, equipment and water supply
  • How to maximize water delivery rates from draft. This includes troubleshooting fire pump priming operations and identifying what works, and what doesn’t, when setting up rural drafting and water-on-wheels operations

This second edition is by Dominic Colletti, a former assistant fire chief and a fire instructor with more than two decades of experience. Colletti has led courses and seminars on subjects such as rural firefighting operations, and Class A foam and CAFS strategy and tactics in North America, the United Kingdom and China.


Item #: 0966346831

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