Torchered Minds: Case Histories of Notorious Serial Arsonists


The result of Ed Nordskog’s study/review of over 700 serial arsonist case histories, and his own case work at the time from over 35 serial arson investigations. Ed has led investigations involving some of the more prolific serial arsonists in the United States and is a recognized international expert on serial arson investigations. This book is a recap of over 65 serial arson case histories, with Ed doing profiles and analysis after each case.

This is for my colleagues the detectives, special agents, and arson investigators worldwide who work every day to identify, track down, arrest, and convict those most cowardly, sick, and devious of all criminals. It is an extraordinarily difficult task that on a daily basis is fraught with pitfalls and rife with myths and misconceptions. It is doggedly carried out by men and women who are routinely assailed by critics, stymied by bureaucrats, second-guessed by chair-warming administrators, avoided by many prosecutors, and eviscerated by defense attorneys, learned psychologists, and other hired guns. If it was easy, anybody could do it. It’s not, and they can’t.      -Ed Nordskog, Detective, 2011


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