Vehicle Rescue and Extrication, 2nd Edition


Updated and revised, this book is crucial for fire, rescue, EMS and law enforcement personnel. It details the very latest in dealing with the challenges of vehicle rescue and extrication in today’s environment.

New information on vehicle technology and changes in vehicle fire fighting procedures are covered, as well as the most recent advances in extrication equipment. Case scenarios are used to offer readers a real-world example of crash scenes they’re likely to encounter.

Key Features:

* The comprehensive scope of information ensures that students have everything they need in one easy-to-read text.
* Over 400 illustrations enhance the written text and better relay vital concepts.
* Utilizes case scenarios and algorithms to encourage problem solving and real-world application.
* Features a glossary of over 2,500 terms to secure students’ understanding of the material.
* Chapter objectives and summaries point out key information found in each chapter.

New to this Edition:

* An active fire rescue professional, the author provides the very latest information so users feel confident that the material is accurate and cutting edge.
* Almost 400 illustrations from the first edition have been replaced with photographs that better represent real-world scenarios.
* Presents new information on the latest vehicle technologies so that readers can keep abreast of today’s intricate vehicles.
* A brand new section covering vehicle extrication equipment has been added to ensure users’ understanding and success on the scene.
* Changes in the fire fighting process are addressed in this edition, providing readers with a better ability to combat vehicle fires safely and successfully.


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