Wildfire Plan 2 Ways Out Activity Sheet


These fun and informative activity sheets are an AMAZING way to translate the lifesaving “2 ways out” fire escape strategy to outdoor forest environments.

Wildfires represent an ever-increasing hazard for communities throughout the US and around the world. It’s critical that those living in areas at risk are aware of the precautions they can take to help stay safe.

These two-sided NFPA® Wildfire Maze Activity tear-off sheets provide children with easy-to-understand information about wildfires and reinforce safety readiness by focusing on knowing two ways out of your neighborhood. Kids are presented with an entertaining, age-appropriate maze activity that challenges them to put what they’ve learned into action.

The Wildfire Maze Activity is a smart tool for families to start conversations about developing an escape plan in preparation for a wildfire emergency.

These 100-sheet pads are a cost-effective way to get children thinking about what they can do to be ready in an emergency. The messages echo the popular theme of always having two ways to get out of a home in a fire—but in the context of the outdoors or forested area. These handouts work as a standalone resource for fire safety education lessons and pair well with Sparky® Crayons, Color-Changing Mood Pencils, Fun with Home Escape Planning Booklets, and other NFPA products and resources.

Wildfire Maze Activity sheets teach children to:

  • Always be prepared to respond to a wildfire
  • Make sure everyone has a plan of action, indoors and outdoors
  • Make sure potential escape routes are clear and accessible
  • Arrange to go to a safe place away from danger
  • Work together with family and grown-ups to come up with a plan

Make wildfire readiness and safety part of your fire education programs for those living in the wildland-urban interface.

Wildfire Maze Activity Pads are excellent for teaching the public about how to make sure your family is ready in an emergency. Use them at safety seminars, Pre-K and grade school visits, department tours, public events, or wherever you are teaching wildfire safety in your community.

(8.5 in. x 11 in. pad, 100 pp. per pad, Pre-K–Grade 1)



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