Wildland Firefighting Practices


This well-illustrated text describes in detail all aspects of wildland firefighting. Written in a clear, “how to” style by a seasoned fire officer, it provides a comprehensive explanation of all the skills a firefighter needs to operate effectively against any type of wildland blaze.

Step-by-step photographs of actual operations make it easy for the student to understand the material; illustrations and graphs reinforce the learning process. This text leaves students with a complete understanding of the challenges they will face – and with the skills and confidence to meet the challenges of being a wildland firefighter.


* clear examples demonstrate how to perform vital wildland manipulative skills
* numerous step-by-step photographs, illustrations, and graphs enhance the learning experience
* realistically explains the tactics that every wildland firefighter needs to know to work effectively and safely on a fireline
* written by a seasoned veteran, this book covers more than just the basics


Item #: 0766801470

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