WUI: DVD 4 -Tactical Resources & Equipment


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DVD 4  in the “Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting for the Structural Firefighter Series”  

This title identifies common tools used in WUI firefighting, including equipment maintenance and safety. Also presented are safe procedures for using and working around fireline tools, a review of pre-firefighting considerations at active incidents and the use of forecasting systems, maps, and navigational aids.

Training Objectives

1. To describe tools used in the wildland- urban intermix environment

2. To describe pre-firefighting considerations at an active incident

3. To describe fire behavior forecasting systems, how to use maps and other navigational aids in WUI operations


• Dynamic and engaging high-quality video that has been meticulously reviewed and validated by leading subject matter experts
• Instructionally designed and simplified technical material that reinforces training objectives
• Actual footage of firefighter response to some of the biggest wildland/WUI fires over the last few years that help provide insight to the environmental effects on fire behavior
• Skills and requisite knowledge demonstrated by professional firefighters
• 3-D graphics used to illustrate important WUI concepts


Item #: RWUI004DVD

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