If There’s a Fire, Get Outside, Stay Outside! Brochures


If There’s a Fire, Get Outside, Stay Outside! Brochures tell kids if there’s a fire, to leave the scene! A special Web address links to an original music video.

In a fire emergency, there’s no time to lose! Teach kids that smoke and fire can spread in as little as two minutes. That’s why smoke alarms and a home fire escape plan are so important. Bright photos and clear messages in these NFPA brochures and companion online music video remind children not to hang around if fire strikes.

Activity-filled brochures help kids create a home fire safety escape plan.

To apply their knowledge, kids will use critical reading and writing skills to create their own home fire escape plan, including a video recording and a diagram. A message for grown-ups emphasizes the critical importance of developing and practicing a home fire safety escape plan.

Children will quickly catch on to:

  • Why your family has smoke alarms
  • When the smoke alarm sounds beep, beep, beep, get outside and stay outside
  • The importance of having an outside meeting place where your family can gather

A Web address lets kids go online to watch the Get Outside, Stay Outside! music video and learn the original song.

The fast-paced video and rockin’ song repeat the refrain that getting out and staying out saves lives. Each brochure has the song lyrics so kids can sing along. NFPA’s new brochures meet Common Core standards for education.

(Grades 1-3, Package of 100)


Item #: BR57

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