Know When to Stop, Drop, and Roll! Brochures


Know When to Stop, Drop, and Roll! Brochures tell kids how to survive if clothes catch fire. A special Web address links to an original music video!

Staying away from fire and burning things is lesson #1. But, knowing what to do if clothes catch fire can save children’s lives and reduce tragic injuries. The clear images and messages in these NFPA brochures and companion online music video help every child in your community make safety their goal…by being ready to stop, drop, and roll!

Activity-filled brochures explain why stop, drop, and roll saves lives.

Information for kids share stop-drop-and-roll basics. A quiz activity helps kids apply their knowledge and use critical thinking skills to explain how stopping, dropping, and rolling can put fire out fast. A message for grown-ups includes fire safe behaviors to practice at home.

Kids will get the big picture on:

  • When to use stop, drop, and roll
  • How to drop to the ground and lay flat with legs straight
  • The method of rolling over and back and forth until the flames are out

A Web address lets kids go online to watch the Stop, Drop, and Roll! music video and learn the original song!

The action-packed, kid-led music video and its original song help kids remember when and how to stop, drop, and roll. Each brochure has the song lyrics so children can sing along. NFPA’s brochures meet Common Core standards for education.

(Grade 1-3, Package of 100)


Item #: BR56

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